Hershey RV Show meet an greet

Because of the success of our Meet-N-Greet near the Hershey RV Show last year, we are doing it again.

Would you like to touch and feel a Luxe luxury fifth wheel first hand?

Hershey RV Show luxury fifth wheel

Have a casual discussion about the luxury fifth wheel lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of an RV show. Sit down with a knowledgeable Factory Direct Representative in a serene Historical American Treasure location. We'll show you the value of our cornerstone construction that is the foundation of our luxurious units. We are hosting this event at The Star Barn Village at Stone Gables Estate just 22 min south of the Hershey RV Show.

The Star Barn is recognized as one of the most photographed and artistically painted barns in America. This grand architectural American treasure of Gothic Revival craftsmanship is an iconic window into our past. Follow the journey of relocation, reconstruction, restoration, and preservation of this historic treasure.

Save your spot today by filling out the form on the left. We're looking forward to meeting you! Or please stop by if you are in the neighborhood. But if you want to be sure to speak to someone fill out the form.

The RV Factory is the manufacturer of the factory direct models - Luxe Elite fifth wheel, Luxe Gold fifth wheel, and Luxe Toy Hauler fifth wheel. We are taking our units to the Hershey, PA area.

Hershey, PA - Meet-N-Show 


Star Barn
September 10, 11, 12, 2019

Time: 10am - 6pm

Private 1812 Barn
September 13, 14, 2019

Time: 10am - 6pm


First location

The Star Barn Village
at Stone Gables Estate
1 Hollinger Lane, Star Barn Way
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Second Location

Brittany’s Hope Foundation (Entrance location)
1812 Barn
1160 North Market St

Elizabethtown, PA 17022