June 6, 2020
UPDATE Coronavirus Covid19

Our state of Indiana is open for business. We are now encouraging private tours between 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm at our manufacturing facility in Elkhart, IN. Also by appointment on Saturday. Our focus is to give you a more in-depth look at our luxury fifth wheel construction while keeping your safety as well as the safety of our staff in mind. Because of our large facility, and the methodical nature of our production process, our factory staff can easily social distance themselves. Our factory is sanitized daily and we provide complimentary masks at the reception desk. We are also available for virtual tours through Zoom or Facetime (choose "virtual tour" when you make your appointment). But we encourage you to come in for a private tour. Click here to make your appointment

April 23, 2020
UPDATE Coronavirus Covid19

The RV Factory personnel have been working diligently to prepare for resuming our LUXE production next week. We have concentrated on implementing practices and processes to make our workspace safe for our employees and our customers. We have already instituted deep cleaning and disinfecting of our workspace according to CDC guidelines. This will be continued as we return with a dedicated department that will operate continually during production. Other areas of concentration will include employee screening making PPE available to customers and employees including face masks and gloves.

Social Distancing is of major consequence as we get back into production at The RV Factory. Fortunately, on our LUXE production line, we have not had to make many modifications. Our slower methodical ways of manufacturing LUXE high-end products in combination with our large 80,000 square foot production facility allows us ample room for our employees and guests. By comparison, the high volume manufacturers would have nearly 3 times the workforce density crowded in the same or smaller space, as well as triple the raw material storage. Our manufacturing team members have plenty of space and time to complete their operations without running over each other.

Private Plant Tours are again available by appointment and encouraged. You will be accompanied by one of our Factory Reps who can answer all of your questions.
Please feel free to make an appointment now.

The LUXE Mansfield Texas Showroom is open. There is not a safer place to shop for fifth wheels in Texas. Our showroom is physically unmanned, but our Representatives will be with you to assist via telepresence and by appointment for private showings. Make an appointment online here.

April 16, 2020
UPDATE Coronavirus Covid19
The Luxe Mansfield Texas Showroom is now open.
We have instituted new cleaning and disinfecting procedures at the showroom as well as offering gloves for PPE during your visit. You can maintain social distancing when scheduling a “private” appointment and you will have an unrushed tour of our products and material selections. Visit with our Factory Reps Via our robotic telepresence and have all your questions answered. If you’ve been wanting to visit our Showroom, there is no better time as we can safely accommodate you. Please make your Private appointment here.

April 2, 2020
UPDATE Coronavirus Covid19

As we closely monitor the coronavirus emergency with the CDC and the State of Indiana, our emphasis remains on the safety of our customers and employees. We have observed nearly two weeks of social distancing, cleaning, disinfecting, and other measures our government has advised, with our employees staying at home and working from home. Our Factory Representatives and Service Representatives have been available and busy answering questions and helping our customers from remote locations. We have been quite surprised by the level of activity our Factory Reps are seeing as customers continue to make their plans for future travel in Luxe toy haulers and 5th wheels.

We are currently delivering finished products and will continue building products that we have going online and in our backlog next week. We don't anticipate delays at this point as we have ramped up production consistently over the past several months. Our plans are to start production on April 20. This plan is tentative based on further government directives and our supplier’s opening for business. Fortunately, we have already received much of the materials for customer orders in process, so we will begin with good forward momentum.

One of our challenges will be to continue social distancing in our work environment
This will require some rearrangement of activities and workstations in our manufacturing process. Our slower more deliberate production pace lends itself to these modifications as well as delivering a higher quality level with attention to detail. With the economy kicking back into gear, it has required a higher level of planning to meet timeframes. As we now have a limited number of stock models available, we ask that customers get custom orders in as soon as possible so we don’t disappoint. Please contact your Factory Rep right away to get the process started. If you call in we have new menu choices that will connect you directly with Brienne, Deb, or Jeri.

Safe Travels - Your Luxe Team

March 18, 2020
Safe Travels! One of the best ways to travel right now is RV travel in your Luxe luxury fifth wheel. Living and traveling in a Luxe luxury fifth wheel, where you feel at home and have complete control of your environment.

All units being delivered, are having an additional final cleaning and sanitizing just before the new owner takes possession.

At this time, we want to let our customers know that we are vigilantly implementing measures throughout our manufacturing facility to ensure your safety. We are closely monitoring the guidance of the 'World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control regarding the spread of Coronavirus {COVID-19). Our focus is to ensure we meet customer needs while doing our part to keep you, our employees and our community safe."

We are committed to offering the best experience possible for all our customers and we must be able to service you in whatever form is most convenient. If you are in the process of purchasing or servicing one of our luxury fifth wheels and need us to provide information or services remotely, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are available in person, by phone, email, or our website chat system.