This luxury fifth wheel comparison will give you a quick head start on your journey to finding a True Super Luxury Fifth Wheel.

Before you start looking for your True Super Luxury Fifth Wheel, consider these comparisons. We have done a lot of research on some of the top fifth wheels available in the market today and done a comparison for you.

When you are doing your research on the construction of a luxury fifth wheel, make sure you take a look at these comparisons. Make notes and compare features. We also encourage you to take a private factory tour with us to actually see firsthand the quality that is built into a Luxe luxury fifth wheel. Schedule your private tour here.

We Can Personalize Your Options And D├ęcor To Suit Your Style & Needs. Not mass produced fifth wheel, a Luxe Fifth Wheel is made to order.

Luxe Fifth Wheel

luxury fifth wheel dove tail drawers

Trust your belongings to high-quality hardwood maple cabinetry.


Landmark drawers

luxury 5th wheel doors 

Our solid core doors are all maple hardwood and match the stain or
paint of the rest of the interior. 

 luxury 5th wheel doors compare

In fifth wheels like this, it's difficult to match interior colors because cabinetry, doors, and trim are purchased by different companies. 

luxury fifth wheel plumbing

We have shut-off valves at each sink, toilet, and refrigerator for easy access.
This is a feature of our optional Arctic Package.

 DRV Mobile Suites water manifold

3 Times the amount of connections. More Chance of leaking. Copper is less forgiving and condusive to freezing.  

luxury fifth wheel large basement storage 


basement water lines 

Customizable real tile backsplash in Kitchen and Bathrooms.
No bubbling, easy cleanup, and plenty of options to choose from. 


All of our furniture offerings are made locally and are tested for

longevity, comfort, and style. 

Imported, structurally weaker to degrade over a shorter period