luxe luxury toy hauler fifth wheel exterior 500px

Would you like to visit a Luxe Luxury Fifth Wheel in California? The best toy hauler construction.

Would you like to touch and feel a real Luxe luxury 5th wheel at our California showroom? We have Top Rated luxury toy haulers available at our California showroom. 

We have luxury fifth wheels in California!

Simply fill out this form for an appointment or call (844) 284-6678.

We are located at:
41606 Date St, Suite 202A, Murrieta, CA 92562

Mon-Sat appointment only (please call to confirm your appointment)

Here is what you can expect when going to one of our unmanned showrooms:

  1. When you submit an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. And this will alert one of our Factory Reps.
  2. You will be contacted by your assigned factory rep to confirm your desired date and time. They will ask you for a photo of your ID
  3. Then you will be given a door code. (If you have any issues with your code, call your factory rep and they will assist you).
  4. After your visit or in some cases during (with our robot), your factory rep will follow up with you concerning your experience.
  5. Thank you for your valued interest in our Luxe luxury fifth wheels.