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Only the Best. Luxe Luxury Fifth Wheel Manufacturer

At Luxe RV we focus on Manufacturing the best Luxury Fifth Wheel and Luxury Toy Hauler available to the luxury 5th wheel market

“A New and Better Way” The New Direct to Consumer Strategy for the Recreational Vehicle Industry.

New Technology has enabled many leading brands in diverse industries to connect directly with their end consumers. Led by The RV Factory LLC, this Strategy has finally made it to The Recreational Vehicle Industry. We have been able to establish direct communication with our customers to provide the highest quality, feature-rich, Recreational Vehicles. In addition, a more thoughtful and personal aftermarket service delivery, without the encumbrances associated with “The Middleman”.

Direct feedback from our customer base has been invaluable in the dramatic improvement of our LUXE fifth wheels year after year. Aftermarket Service has also improved exponentially with direct unfettered accurate communication between Manufacturer and Consumer. We are also able to facilitate communication with industry-leading OEM suppliers most located within several miles of our facilities.

The RV Factory LLC is the Direct to Consumer Manufacturer of Luxe Elite, Luxe Gold, and Luxe Toy Hauler.

luxe luxury toy hauler exteriorAll our products are Factory-Fresh©

Factory-Fresh means that each of our RV’s is built and delivered directly from the factory to the consumer. They do not spend months in shipping lots and on dealership lots prior to sale. Our units are also not subject to wear from the extreme traffic of RV shows. Also, the materials that go into our products are the freshest and most current at the time of manufacture. Our materials are purchased for each individual RV and brought in just in time. Products are not stored outside in bulk as mass producers do. Just in time delivery allows for the most current unaged products to be installed on fifth wheel front living kitchen

“After 30+ years of marketing products through The Middleman, we knew there had to be a better way. With the facilitation of the World Wide Web, our customers have been instrumental in helping The RV Factory build the LUXE Fifth Wheel as an Extraordinary Brand and Extraordinary American Manufacturing Company.”


luxe luxury 5th wheel exteriorOur Construction Philosophy

Our construction philosophy is different and unusual. We engineer our luxury fifth wheels with the Full Timer in mind. This idea benefits full time and casual customers alike.

Our production line moves are measured in weeks and not hours. This means your coach is not rushed through the manufacturing process. Our production workers are not incentivized for speed, but rather for quality output. This leads to a higher level of attention to detail and immediate problem-solving.

Monitoring the build process is very important to us. From the time the build process starts, each step is checked, tested and inspected along the way.

At the end of the manufacturing process, full camping assimilation and inspection is performed.

We also provide our customers with a period of introduction and instruction to assist them with their factory-fresh luxury fifth wheel. Furthermore, we encourage our customers to spend a couple of nights with us to familiarize themselves with their coach and perform their own inspection.