Luxe Elegante Luxury Fifth Wheel hauled by a Ford F550 by Utilty Bodywerks.


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A Luxe Elite Luxury Fifth Wheel being hauled by a Luxe Truck Ford F550 with an all aluminum fifth wheel hauler bed. The Kitchen of a Luxe Elegante luxury fifth wheel with a modern design asthetic and hardwood cabinetry. A Luxe Toy Hauler Luxury Fifth Wheel next to a Luxe Truck Ford F550 outside Luxe Fifth Wheel's showroom in Elkhart Indiana. A rear kitchen luxury fifth wheel design, built by Luxe Fifth Wheel out of Elkhart Indiana. Hardwood hickory interior of luxury fifth wheel toy hauler, built by Luxe Fifth Wheel in Elkhart Indiana. A luxury fifth wheel toy hauler, built by Luxe Fifth Wheel, with a Luxe Freightliner M2 106 in position to haul. A luxury fifth wheel toy hauler built by Luxe Fifth Wheels out of Elkhart Indiana. A luxury fifth wheel toy hauler with full automotive exterior paint built by Luxe Fifth Wheel out of Elkhart Indiana. A spacious living Room in a luxury toy hauler fifth wheel, built by Luxe Fifth Wheel out of Elkhart Indiana. A comfortable bedroom in a luxury fifth wheel built by Luxe Fifth Wheel out of Elkhart Indiana. The exterior of a Luxe Gold luxury fifth Wheel, built by Luxe Fifth Wheels out of Elkhart Indiana The kitchen of a Luxe Elite luxury fifth wheel with Brazilian cabinetry, built by Luxe Fifth Wheel out of Elkhart Indiana. A Luxe Elite rear kitchen luxury fifth wheel, one of the best luxury fifth wheels, driving in a state park in Autumn.

Luxe Fifth Wheel | A Leader in Luxury Fifth Wheel Manufacturing

Luxe is the leading manufacturer of the best luxury fifth wheels and the best luxury fifth wheel toy haulers using the highest quality construction components.

We are driving change in the RV industry with our direct-to-consumer approach. We have designed an innovative feature-rich product with the consumer in mind. Our standard specifications are multiple tiers above others in the full-time luxury fifth wheel & full-time luxury toy hauler category.

A photo of production of a luxury fifth wheel by Luxe Fifth Wheel.







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Best Insulated RV Roof

At Luxe we build luxury fifth wheels, dedicating the necessary time to ensure each Luxe Fifth Wheel is the best-insulated in the industry. That’s why we refer to our fifth wheel as “A True Four-Season RV”.

This video offers a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at the construction of our roof.

Stay tuned for more featured videos. You can also visit our Luxe Youtube Channel

A High-Quality Product

Our Luxe Elite, Luxe Gold and Luxe Toy Hauler models deliver the best construction in the industry. The Luxe production line moves are measured in weeks not hours. This means our team is not incentivized for speed but rather for quality. Learn more about how we lead the way here…

Luxe provides knowledgeable Factory Representatives to guide you, remotely, or with a personal private factory tour, to view our craftsman oriented production.

A Luxe Luxury Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler driving through a state park.

We Create a Customized Experience

In addition to high-quality construction, we can tailor options and décor to suit your style and needs. You can start by utilizing our “Build Your Own” for each floor plan and cover any special requests with your Factory Representative.

Our manufacturing team personalizes every Fifth Wheel and Toy Hauler we build with the client’s name, not a number. We will keep you up to date with pictures as your fifth wheel or toy hauler goes through the production process.

On delivery day we encourage you to pick up right here at the factory. We will train you on how to use your Fifth Wheel and allow you to camp on the premises, giving you the hands-on experience to ensure you will be self-sufficient. Delivery options are also available.

Get the Service You Deserve

As a Luxe owner, you will experience “Concierge” style customer service throughout the United States and Canada. We are here to support you with our network of certified service centers. You can be confident your service needs will be addressed rapidly by communicating directly with the manufacturer; even when you are traveling.

A luxury 5th wheel built by Luxe at Potato Creek State Park during Fall.

Build Your Own Industry Leading Luxury Fifth Wheel