The Best Four-Season Luxury 5th Wheel. The Luxe Elegante hauled by a Ford F550.
The Luxe Elegante 5th Wheel being towed by a single rear wheel truck.

Luxe Elegante

A Luxe in a Smaller Package
Optimized for Full-Time Living

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Luxe Elegante 5th Wheel

Introducing the latest marvel from Luxe Fifth Wheel – the Elegante. Born from a commitment to uncompromised luxury and tailored for the discerning full-time RVers, this model redefines opulence in a sleek, slightly smaller package that lives large.

We build the best four-season luxury 5th wheel. That standard is carried across all our Luxe models, including the Luxe Elegante.

The Elegante harmoniously merges the quintessential “Luxe” luxury with enhanced maneuverability, making it effortlessly towable by a wider range of pickups. Experience indulgence without limits, designed to elevate the journey of those seeking the ultimate in refined mobile living.

LUXE is here to answer your every question about our luxury 5th wheel haulers. Our team is happy to assist you in your journey to a perfect hauler. If you have any questions give us a call (844)284-6678.

Luxe Elegante 33EFS

The floor plan of the Luxe Elegante Luxury Fifth Wheel.
GVWR (lbs) 18,500
Est Hitch Weight TBD
Length 33′ 11″

Our length measurements are taken from the pin to the rear cap.

Height 13′ 1″
Grey (gal) 80 total (2 tanks)
Black (gal) 40
Fresh (gal) 75
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.
The interior of a Luxe 5th Wheel Elegante.

The key to our luxurious Custom Cabinetry in the Luxe Fifth Wheel is the consistency of color and high-quality finish.

Mass producers in the RV industry use a combination of lower quality, builders grade hardwoods, mixed with manufactured pressed-wood, and printed paper products. In addition, these builders purchase various components with differing finish processes causing colors and esthetics to vary wildly in adjacent areas. These cheaper components frequently fade, change color, and show accelerated wear over time.


Luxe starts by purchasing high-quality Hardwoods of the same species. There is some variation in color with all Hardwoods this adds to the richness of using natural products. Luxe achieves its beautiful, high-quality consistent look by using the same hardwood and the same superior hand finish process thru-out the entire coach. Slide-out fascia and trims, to cabinet stiles, solid raised panel cabinet doors, and even solid hardwood interior passage doors, are consistently elegant. An added benefit is the years of long-lasting beauty and richness that is achieved.

Learn more about how Luxe Fifth Wheels are the best constructed fifth wheel in the industry by clicking Here 


The Best Constructed Luxury Fifth Wheel

These walls are ultra-high-strength, with a polyurethane laminated, multi-layered construction, starting with an outer layer of thick Gel Coat fiberglass with an Azdel composite layer beneath, this is on top of aluminum welded cage, filled with a solid High Density closed cell graphite infused foam insulation. This insulation is shown to not retain or wick any moisture, degrade over time, mold, or mildew. This provides the maximum amount of insulation per inch of any product used in the industry. Even our slide-out sidewalls are insulated the same as our main walls. Many competitors will downgrade the insulation in their slide-outs to save on costs.