Remote work? Don’t want to give up your crafting hobby when going full time? 


Televators are a great way to diversify the living room space, and can add up to two extra windows depending on the coach model. 

Toy Hauler FlexSpace

You can personalize your toy hauler flex space garage to fit your specific needs and lifestyle 

Toy Hauler Loft Configurations

Consider adding shelves, racks, and cabinets to provide storage space for tools, supplies, and other items

Extra/Altered Storage Ideas

While our coaches have a plethora of storage, you can alter and tweak to add more or even change the storage space to fit your need. 

Alternative Dinette Options

Not all dinette spaces need be the same! Look at some of the options that change the space to better benefit you. 

Alternative/Additional Sleeping Options

Need altered or extra sleeping space? Discuss your sleeping set up needs with your Factory Rep. 

Toy Hauler Bathrooms

No Bath. Half Bath. Full Bath – Toy Haulers have a few configurations to fit hauling needs. 

Kitchen Appliances 

Not all kitchen needs are the same. Tailor your fifth wheel kitchen to match.  


Depending on where in the production line your coach is specialty outlets can be added. Connect with your Factory Direct Representative to discuss location options.